this means everything

by New Dead Project

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released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved
Track Name: silence is not the answer
have you gone out of ink in the darkness but you still have so many things to say?
are you still searching the chords for that song that so far noone has played?
then my friend your face is just like a mirror and this world could be our canvas.
whenever you're out of paint, just remember you can still use your blood.

if you can't find the words to describe how you feel, just scream! and it will be real.
wether it's joy or heartbreaking pain just let it all out, let it all gain.

and my friend your face will be just like a mirror and this world our painted canvas.
and whenever you're out of paint just remember you can still use my blood.
so scream! 'cause silence is not the answer.
Track Name: hopeless but stubborn
we've never lost our ways: we've never had one before.
we've tried so many places but nowhere is where we belong.
and you don't have to tell me what's you're going through,
'cause I know how it feels even if I don't know you.

we're soaked in sweet passion and we struggle to keep it alive.
our dreams make us suffer but we cover the pain with a smile.
we're hopeless but stubborn, they'll never see us cry.
and we fail if we have to but at least we try TO HAVE IT OUR WAY.

so never mind what they say: JUST DANCE WHILE YOU STILL CAN...
Track Name: the obvious difference between death and dying
who said you cannot be dead with a beating heart trapped in your chest?
and who said you cannot be blind with eyes wide open and starring out?
just write it down if you don't dare to say but you knew it all along the way
that your belifes are not more than lies: dead meet on your plate and dead look in your eyes.
and I might not be so much different. oh, I know I'm dying but at least I'm not dead.
we've broke our bodies and we've wounded our minds
placed the blame on each other and we keep falling down.

every day finds me further from home
as time grinds the flesh off from my bones,
I'm heading out straight to nowhere,
please someone break my legs before I get there.
Track Name: the dawn of the living
those golden years made me feel tall
and I never forget how I used to feel so strong.
those days have passed and left me here
but something's still ringing in my ear.

not sure what it is but I cherrish it every day
trying to find it a shape trying to find a name,
not sure what it is but it keeps me wake at night,
pumps my blood for keeping me alive...

and I see him every day,
he's my worst enemy
from the mirror starring back at me.
I must not forget
the only thing I've ever learned:
these arms are wings, THESE ARMS ARE WINGS!
Track Name: learning to fly
I used to seem strong but really I was just hiding.
so thank you for pushing me off from that cliff and teach flying.

we had the times of our lives, you and I
as we danced to the beautiful sound of hearts exploding.

and now they only see an end and I cannot blame them,
to them we are a secret. but at an unknown place and an unknown time
we keep dancing to the sound of hearts exploding.
Track Name: foresakentown
with sleepless eyes I wander under raging clouds
trying to fight my way out of Foresakentown
I feel the human mass around me as it rolls right by
I even smell their stench but no sign of life.

am I part of something dreadful?
am I here to wake the dead?
is this air that I am breathing
or is it poison-gas?

I tried to save myself by holding your hands
but from my broken fingers they slipped out way too fast
and the only treasure I have now is this emptiness

and the chance to fill it up again.
Track Name: the stupid learn from their own mistakes
O'Brian said that the future will look like a boot a standing on human face.
as I look around now I must see, the future is already taking place right now.

tomorrow is here no wish can make it go away.
it's born from all the blood and tears of our yesterdays.
"are we there yet?" it's not so hard to tell:
it seems that all this time we were on the faster road to hell.

embrace the pain and hail the emptiness as the new companions of your life.
and don't forget to ask: WHAT HAVE WE DONE to everything we ever touched?
no god could forgive us now.

you want to point the finger but you're also there to blame,
'cause we all do our parts in this every single day.

tomorrow is here no wish can make it go away.
it's born from all the blood and tears of our yesterdays.
"are we there yet?" it's not so hard to tell:
it seems that all this time we were on the faster road to hell.
Track Name: the song you've been waiting for
there are many ways to set yourself on fire
and you don't need gasoline.
there are many ways to fix your broken life
and I know which one's there for me.

in the darkest of times we still have this sound
to heal our wounded to heal our broken hearts.

a desease is spreading the dead walk our streets
and they're looking for you and me.
and everything they touch turns into shit

we're so few and far between and the world is all around.
but noone can kill, noone can kill the sound.
there's nothing left to say just to scream and shout.
and there's no way to deny it: PUNK ROCK SAVED MY LIFE.
Track Name: the great escape
I see desperation in your eyes
but I hope you've stored up some hope inside,
'cause we're gonna escape from our filthy graves tonight.
light our torches and burn this city to the ground!

we've waited too long now it's time to rise.
we have been silenced now it's time to shout.
'cause you've got to stand for something
or you will fall for anything.
write it on their walls if you're still alive!

and not one day... but TONIGHT!