Run To The Hills

by New Dead Project

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drums recorded by Dexter @ Supersize
guitars recorded by Miki
vocals recorded + mixing by Szabika @ TrashHill


released March 7, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Blame
Plastic laws written in the name of justice
Are just damned words of industrial heart's-ease
"The Hands of Man", are The Tools of Destruction.
At the dead-end of this labyrinth of evolution
The blame is mine. The blame is yours. The blame is ours.
Still We are the resort. For future tomorrows.

Do you speak the language of existence?
Are you up to make a difference?
Do you speak the language older than words?
Will you make it better or worse?

Vultures coming from the depths of hell
Are the only ones left in the end to tell
In the wretched tongue of the misanthrope
The last tale of catastrophe and fall.
Track Name: Way To The End
Edge of the collapse is in my eyes, on a bloody-wearied planet, enticing lives.
"No man's land" but we're ready to kill, with carnivorous weapons, rapacious ships.

This is the way to the end

Refracted beat is on our hearts, with posionous grains, raging impart.
Killing me quietly, killing the voice, what we need, the final force.

Stop! Stop it! Remember the gracious insticts

This is the way, to the end

Let the depressive sense of this way drive your fight
Track Name: Run To The Hills
Black leaves on the ground, like oilprints on the sea.
Ravaging poison ghosts broke the harmony
Man-made veil of chemicals is covering the sky
"The one with a heart is the one with empathy" - It's a lie.

Do you speak the language of existence?
Or are you the one without remembrance?
Do you speak the language older than words?
Or you're the one never looking forward?

Blackened trees loom dying,
Searing under the killing sun,
Like stiff bodies on deathbeds.
All creatures are trying (trying to escape)
To the end of the world they run, run to the hills
Track Name: Power Process
While no sooner you reach one goal than you move on to the next
Still no sense of purpose, never satisfied, never stay at rest
"Crisis of identity" they say comes midway through life
In search of fulfillment it's no time yet for settling down.

Meals and roof over your head cost only obedience,
You'd be envied by your ancestors at the first glance

But (they) never learned how frustrating man-made insecurity imposed on them feels.

In absence of autonomous choices
Made under handed down rigid orders
Your efforts are deprived of significance

Artificial aims handed out to chase
Success depending on countless others
It's past hope to live through the power process

"It is only the one whose need for
purposeful attainments has been satisfied
during her life who is best prepared
to serenely accept the end of that life"